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Hajj Timeline

  1. On the 8th Zul Haj, enter into Ihraam. All the conditions imposed of Ihraam are again imposed. Leave for Mina. It is sunnah to perform 5 Salaats at Mina; Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha, are all to be performed on the 8 th Zul Haj.
  1. After spending the night at Mina perform Fajr salaat. After sunrise, proceed to Arafat which is about 6 miles away. This is the greatest day- this is the day of Haj! Whilst in Arafat, make lots of zikr, recite the Quraan and pray standing facing Quibla. Perform Zuhr and Asr salaats together. You must remain in Arafat until sunset. After sunset leave for Muzdalifa. Perform both Maghrib and Ishaa salaats together. Collect pebbles to pelt Jamaraat. It is advisable to collect 70 pebbles about the size of chick peas. Do not wash them.
  1. After spending the night at Muzdalifa, perform Fajr salaat and intend to leave for Mina, just before sunrise. Today 3 acts must be performed and must be performed in this order; Ramee (pelting) of Big Jamara only.
    • Sacrifice of animals.
    • Shaving/trimming of hair.
    • Tawaaf-e- Ziyaarah. (This can be on 11th Zul Hajj)
  2. RAMEE
    Pelt Big Jamara only with 7 pebbles that were collected from Muzdalifa. The pebbles must be thrown one at a time and fall within the circular wall for them to be valid. If 7 are thrown at once that will count as 1 and 6 more will have to be thrown
    Perform Haj sacrifice. This is separate from the annual sacrifice.
    After sacrifice trim or shave your hair (halaq/qasr). It is sunnat to shave the the hair in Mina. All restrictions imposed due to Ihraam will be lifted except sexual intercourse. This will be permitted after Tawaaf–e-Ziyaraat.
    Proceed to Makkah to perform Tawaaf –e-Ziyaarat. This can be performed on the 10th, 11th or up to sunset of 12th Zul Haj. This tawaaf is fardh and is the same as any other tawaaf. Perform Sai as well, in the usual manner. Return to Mina.
  1. Ramee must be performed with the pelting of all 3 Jamaraat. Pelt in this order; Small Shaytaan – Jamaraatul Oola. Pelt 7 times.
    • Middle Shaytaan- Jamaraatul Wusta. Pelt 7 times.
    • Big Shaytaan- Jamaraatul Aqaba. Pelt 7 times.
    These pillars are not Shaytaans but represent the exact spot where Shaytaan came and created hindrances for Ibraheem alayhis salaam. Ramee must be performed personally by men and women.
  1. he main act of this day is the same as 11 th Zul Haj. Pelt all 3 shaytaans like before. After performing Ramee, leave for Makkah. If you remain in Mina till sunset, stay in Mina for another night and perform Ramme again then leave for Makkah.